September 27, 2014

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September 27, 2014



Received new Desktop as a birthday gift, feeling blessed (blessed ko chhodo, naya computer aa gaya, aur kya chahiye). Purchasing items containing iron should be avoided on saturday, so got it on friday itself. Thank you all for your warm wishes.

So enough on guessing, here goes the configuration:

  • Core i7 4770 4th Generation 3.4GHz 8MB L3
  • Intel MB DH87RL
  • RAM: Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3 1866MHz
  • HD : 1TB WD Cavier Black
  • NVidea ZOTAC GT 630 2GB DDR3
  • SMPS 600W Coolermaster Thunder
  • DELL 22″ LED IN S2240L HDMI
  • KB : TVS e-BharatĀ Gold [Mechanical]
  • Mouse : Dell optical
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