December 2014 : Quarterly party

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December 2014 : Quarterly party



This time we visited LIT Ultra Bar to celebrate our quarterly party. It is always fun to be with the team, dancing, singing, pulling legs. There were some new members as well who have not been part of our team outing earlier, so got to know them as well, how they fair externally. Experience was really good. Place and food in itself was not as per the expectation, but still we enjoyed a lot.

We left the office at around 8 in the evening in office cabs and reached LIT Ultra Bar in half an hour (not too far from office). By 9 everyone was in and mood was set after a few performances. On repeated requests from the team members I was on dancing floor with my extra ordinary dancing skills (I am not a dancer at all, it is just some neck, tummy and leg vibrations which amuses them and they love to laugh at them, I do not mind them laughing on my such steps). We enjoyed the starters Paneer kabab, Spring rolls and Honey potato  till our abdomen capacity (you read it right). I do not what was in plate for non vegetarians. We had also ordered a few Hukkas which some guys enjoyed (pics not shared because of friendly reasons 🙂 ). There were some really mind blowing performances from our team mates and we applauded them.

After party enjoyment was enhanced by the performances from guys who were out after drink. We left the place at around 11:15 PM to reach home at 11:30. By 12 all female team members have reached home and I have got status from all of them, so we can bring the day to an end.

Good Night.

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