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Cab Diary – Road Rage



I am a software engineer by profession and I have been working since July 2010. I started my career from Affiliated Computer Services of India Pvt. Ltd as a System Development Associate on July 26, 2010. I joined their NOIDA Sector 125 office, and later shifted to NOIDA Sector 62. I resigned after more than two years to join Fiserv in Sector 127, where I worked for a very short span of around five months. I am working at Indus Valley Partners in NSEZ NOIDA since April 2013. All these years I have preferred to use office transport be it cab or bus, which gave me ample amount of time to read and I read more than 20 books commuting, some of them more than once as well.

I have never been a victim of road rage though I spend around 2 hours daily on NOIDA roads, sometime even taking narrow streets or unknown commutes and on reading road rage incidents in newspaper I was kind of amused. I have a firm belief that if you are good to everyone, why someone will bring harm to you, but it shattered today tonight.

If you are good to everyone, none will bring harm to you.

Tonight at around 10 I left office with 2 of my cab-mates and security guard (both of cab-mates are girls). It was raining and I expected to drop them by 10:30 and reach my home by 11. But before we left NSEZ premises it was already around 10:35 and traffic was really slow and every now and then we were stuck in traffic. We were discussing around cultural differences between IVP and organizations I had worked with. IVP being their first and only employer so far, they were enjoying it. We reached their society by 11:15 and hopefully their main gate was not shut so we were not required to take a round of another 10 minutes to reach another gate on other end of the society. Rain forced us to drop them to their door steps rather than dropping them near their street inside society. It was past 11:30 we started for my place.

I was discussing about my morning pick up when we decided to go straight through Haroula rather than take right and go from main road and that was not an intelligent decision. Though I have used those roads but only in broad daylight and they are too congested at that time with market on both sides and half the road encroached by shop items. We thought since it is already around 11:30 and raining as well, we should be out on Sector 6 road in less than five minutes and skip the traffic on main road. Traffic was expected around Sector 11 traffic signal, Delhi border and there are around five or six traffic signals as well. So it came as a preferable choice over daily route (Our route has been changed yesterday only).

We were hardly 100-150 meters away from sector 6 main road when we saw a Wagon R parked mid way and a guy on right side talking someone(sitting behind the driver seat) in Wagon R. He was wearing a black modern fit vest. We thought someone must be asking route or something.

Beep Beep sounded our horn after 30 or 45 seconds and the guy waved his hand saying “Ek minute” (Give me a minute). Everything was fine till now, but still it was not looking fine, and I asked driver to take U turn and immediate left so that we skip them and we will be on another road parallel to current road and Raj Kumar (name changed) took a reverse gear, thump.

Someone had escaped from rear left seat (door was open) and had banged on our bonnet causing the thump. He was carrying a glass bottle in one hand and polythene containing some items in another hand. He was shouting move your vehicle away, we were already half way U turn. We were about to take left when three or four guys started running toward us and I tried reaching my manager over call. We have around 10 cabs in NOIDA area serving the office staffs and expected someone near us as well. By the time we took left for another way that Wagon R and another vehicle (Sumo) was speeding behind us. I heard a heart-beat and thought heart is beating fast for guard since he was the one sitting on front seat and saw them right in front of him. I was wrong, and I was hearing none other than my own heartbeat. I narrated the incident to Nimish (name changed) and asked for some help, explaining the route to Raj in parallel. Nimish advised me to head towards home rather than police station and I was on my way to home with police station in between.

I expected them to lose us near police station for the fear, and we will continue to our home.

We felt a jolt and then another jolt within a few seconds. Sumo was already behind us and including Wagon R they were around 10, with bottles with almost all of them and they were shouting names and waving hands for us to stop. I asked Raj not to speed since I was expecting a few pot holes on next intersection (I had taken the road few days back and was aware of that). I did not mean to stuck the pot hole and give them an easy catch, as soon as we crossed the intersection I asked him to sped without taking care of anything, because they were about to overtake us and we were going to be sandwiched by them. We were around a 300m away from Sector 6 police station, still they were following us. I was still on call with Nimish and he had asked transportation department to direct a few cabs toward us for help and were expected to reach us in another 15-20 minutes. We took our last left turn and police station was right in front of us, in flash of a second sumo and in another second Wagon R also came in light. Rather than stopping at Police Station I thought taking a right and head towards Delhi (I do not know why but Gut feeling was against stopping at Police Station).

We took right and crossed HCL Career Development Center and they were still following us. I asked driver to cross border and head towards Ashok Nagar Police Station and ask for a complaint, Nimish also shared the same opinion, but wait. Sumo took a U turn around HCL and Wagon R was also slowing down.

What, have we escaped the night mare? What caused them to return? Should I still head toward Police Station or go home. We halted for a minute at border; there were few DMC staffs and 2 Gypsy monitoring the vehicles entering Delhi, to decide on what to do. Should we complain there and start chasing them or simply ignore (try to ignore) and continue.

We discussed (it was not a discussion but advise) for a minute and thought going home as we had another day to start and lots of work to do the next day and day after next day and so on. Complaining did not guarantee any positive result. We did not know who they were and why they were hunting us or what they were carrying apart from bottles.

We started in another minute or two and by 11:45 I was home. Though the chase lasted only five minutes or even less, but it shattered our nerves, and I felt fear in my heart.

Remember: If you are good to everyone, why someone will bring harm to you.

Sleep well, sleep tight.

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