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Shining Star 2015



Few weeks ago…

MD : Hey, Durgesh. How are you doing?
DC : I am doing really great, thanks for asking.
MD : Dude, everyone loves you. You are really doing great, with all that smile on your face. This time you are going to be awarded.
DC : (I am going to be awarded? I do not know…) Thanks a lot, it would be really great if that happens.

Last week…
Mail from HR : We are going to celebrate company day on Aug 26, 2015 at PHD chamber of commerce. (With location and other information).

Today…at PHD Chamber of commerce..
HR : Now we proceed to next event “Award Distribution” (Fingers closed).

After a few distributions, some praises from HR and an announcement asking for any guesses for the awardee (I am satisfying all the points on the slides, I have worked on all the mentioned items, but I am still not sure, if it is me. Leave it be, it will be made clear in another minute) Durgesh Chaudhary : Shining Star. (You are sitting on last row thanks to cab, do not run down the stairs, lest you stumble on the floor).

So it was really a nice feeling getting Shining Star award. Sharing below a few pictures of certificate and award. Thanks all who were part of the project.

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